A welcome from the Head of Department, Professor Magnolia Ngcobo-Sithole

I welcome you as you take one of the most life-changing steps in your lives. My advice to you, is to focus on the present moment even though you are anxious about what the future may hold. Focus on the present moment and rejoice, let the future unfold. Psychology is a very exciting field, not only does it help you to understand other people, but it also helps you to understand yourself. It is for this reason that psychology has become one of the most liked subjects and fields of interest. Some additional advice that I have for you, is to remember to keep in touch with your peers, and more importantly, to keep in touch with your lecturers and to ask for help at any time.

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Ms Ebonga Maraule

Departmental Secretary

Tel: +27(0)41 504 2354


Psychology Clinic

The focus of the University Psychology
Clinic (UCLIN), on both the South and
Missionvale campus, is to provide
outpatient services to the general public
such as assessment and treatment of
children, adolescents, and adults who are
experiencing educational, emotional
and/or behavioural difficulties.

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Community Involvement

ACtively engaging with local communities
to collaboratively address mental health
needs, promote research informed by
real-world contexts, and contribute to the
well-being of individuals through out-
reach, education, and service initiatives.



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