NB: The offering of the Psychometry programme for 2021 is on hold until further notice.


Rationale and Purpose for the programme

The programme is intended for individuals who wish to register and practice as psychometrists.
The purpose of the programme is to prepare psychometrists to function effectively in any appropriate setting, including independent practice, by providing training and experience within the relevant scope of practice. It will provide students with advanced knowledge, skills and attitudes related to assessing, understanding, explaining and developing human behaviour in a multi-cultural context. In addition to this, the programme will give students entrance into the National Examination of the Professional Board for Psychology, after which they can register and practice as a psychometrist. Value will be added to the qualifying individual in terms of relevant knowledge and skills and these will hold pertinent benefits to the institution and society in which they will practice the knowledge and skills.


All applicants will be subjected to selection. The selection will be based on academic merit, equity and redress considerations, and suitability for the profession.

Intake will only be in the second semester (July - December).

The application dates for the July - December intake will be confirmed at a later stage. Please note that the programme will only be offered on a FULL TIME basis.



Contact information
Dr Justin August
Tel: 041 504 4061