Please be advised that the above-mentioned qualification is being phased out. There will be no new intake for the year 2022. A new replacement qualification aligned to the new Higher Education Qualifications Framework (HEQSF) is currently being developed and will be offered once all processes of accreditation have been completed.

For further information please contact the BPsych programme coordinator, Dr U. De Klerk at

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Bachelor of Psychology (Counselling) (60007)

Holders of this degree qualify for registration as Registered Counsellors with the Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa provided that they pass an examination set by the Professional Board for Psychology.

Candidates must comply with the requirements for admission to degree studies. Candidates must first be admitted to the BA Psych programme and complete 90% of the number of credits prescribed for the first two years (including all psychology and related helping professions modules) before they can be considered for admission to the BPsych (Counselling) programme. All candidates shall be subject to selection and the degree shall be obtained by completing the modules, practical work, and a six-month practicum. The programme shall extend over at least four years of study (including the six-month practicum).

Level 1: (122 credits required)

Compulsory Modules (Psychology):

  • Introductory Psychology
  • Lifespan Development
  • Ethics and Practice
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Psychology
  • Psychological Coping

Compulsory Fundamental Modules:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Introduction to Philosophical Ideas II
  • Introduction to Philosophical Arguments
  • Introduction to Social Work Practice and Skills
  • Introduction to Industrial Psychology
  • Introduction to Organisational Behaviour
  • Professional English

Level 2: (127 credits required)

Core modules (Psychology)

  • Social Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychological Assessment
  • Psychology in Gender
  • Traumatology

Compulsory Fundamental Modules:

  • Statistical Methods in Behavioural Science
  • IsiXhosa for Psychology Students

Compulsory Modules from other Disciplines:

  • Human Resource Management: Procurement
  • Labour Relations
  • Human Resource Management: Development

Level 3: (120 credits required)

Core modules (Psychology):

  • Cognitive and Clinical neuropsychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Career psychology or
  • Occupational psychology
  • Marital and Family interaction
  • Introduction to psychological assessment
  • Research planning
  • Crisis management skills
  • Psychopathology practicum
  • Introduction to psycho-education

Core modules (Related helping professions):

  • Community development theory and intervention
  • Community development practice and process skills

Fundamental modules

Introduction to Psychological Counselling

Elective modules (14 credits): All elective modules must be chosen in consultation with the BPsych programme team.

  • Introduction to the Psychology of change
  • Foresnsic Psychology
  • Consumer Behaviour

Level 4: (126 credits required)

  • Practice Management and Ethics
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Research and Data Analysis Skills
  • Treatise
  • Mentoring and Supervision
  • Health and Wellness Intervention B
  • Practicum in Health and Wellness
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Undergraduate and BPsych Programme Administrator
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