Electronic Submission of “ Honours Departmental Application & Supporting Documents” during the pandemic. (lockdown).

Please read carefully the important changes regarding the application information:

Due to the current pandemic situation, applicants applying for the Psychology Honours programme are kindly requested to submit their completed Departmental Application (U.24 form) and all of the supporting documents (Autobiography, academic record, CV and ID document) via email to HonoursPsych@mandela.ac.za.

You are requested to submit only ONE of each documents listed above irrespective of what is stated on the U.24 Form. Applicants are requested to ask for the submission of only ONE referee report. Please ask your referee to submit the report to HonoursPsych@mandela.ac.za. The referee selected must be someone who can provide the selection panel with insight to the suitability of the applicant for postgraduate training in psychology.

Upon submission of your application, please clearly state in the subject line your initials and surname and the specific programme that you have applied for i.e  John Smith Hons Application 2020

Applicants are also reminded that they MUST apply for postgraduate studies on the NMU online application to admissions https://www.mandela.ac.za/Study-at-Mandela/Application/Apply-Postgraduate. This is followed by the departmental selection forms.


Due to the overwhelming number of applicants, no individual questions pertaining to the honours programme will be answered.

We will be having an information session on Friday the 3rd of June at 10:00 where all your questions will be answered.

Please use the following link to attend the session: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_MzM1YWRlZjgtN2Y2Ny00OWMwLWI5NzctMWU5MDViNzM4MGI3%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22bd70eeb3-a537-435a-937c-7cd330dc74d8%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22db03860e-a1b5-4c6e-a402-12ecfaaea298%22%7d


Please note: The submission date remains the same.

Please note that the honours applications for the 2023 academic year open on Monday the 1st of August and close on Wednesday the 31st of August 2022.



Baccalaureus Artium Honores (Psych) (61601) (BA Hons)

This programme is aimed at candidates who have completed a three-year Psychology undergraduate degree, and who meet the set entrance requirement.

Candidates must have obtained a final mark of not less than 65 percent therein, and comply with selection criteria as laid down by the Department of Psychology.

The selection process is as follows:

Admission criteria: 65% average on psychology modules (calculated by taking ALL core psychology modules from 1st – 3rd year).

Phase I: Successful candidates are applicants who, at this stage in the selection process, have met the admission criteria (65% average) and are short-listed. These applicants will be invited to a departmental selection test. Successful applicants will be short-listed.

Phase II: Short-listed candidates will be invited to a selection test. The content that the test will cover will be provided. The content area of the test will focus on research design and methodology, as well as understanding of core psychological theories and writing skills.

Phase III: The top 40 scoring students will be short-listed for the 2020 intake. However, final acceptance into the programme will dependent on the successful completion of your undergraduate degree as well as maintaining the admission criteria (65%).

Feedback: All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the selection process, by means of a final acceptance letter. Please note: the department does not provide feedback to candidates beyond the outcome of the selection process. We do NOT provide feedback to parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, family relatives etc. This is based on the large number of applicants we receive yearly (200+ applications processed for the 2019 class).

The programme shall extend over one academic year of full-time study

Please note that obtaining an Honours degree successfully does not automatically qualify a candidate for the Masters Programme.  For more information on the Masters Selection process, please consult the Masters Info page on this website.


All students with International qualifications/degrees must apply via our International Education Office.

Tel: +27 41 504-2161 or natasha.september@mandela.ac.za


Contact information
Dr Konesh Navsaria
Tel: 0415042687

Ms Carmen Thurnher
Honours Programme Administrator
Tel: 041 504 2354